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Wechu Tours was setup by Oliver Widdaker, an Englishman with a passion for the outdoors.

Oliver is a very keen hiker, rock climber, mountaineer, trail runner and mountain biker.

"At 36 years old I am physically very active and extremely passionate about the outdoors. I setup Wechu tours to share this passion with other people visiting Chile, a place with a still developing tourist industry."

He grew up in the mountains of the UK, and has explored many of the mountains of England, Wales, Scotland and the Alps, close to 25 years of experience in total.

1.5 years ago he moved to Chile and has since been exploring the impressive Andes mountains that surround Santiago.

Oliver worked in the location Film and TV industry for many years and therefore has much experience in planning, logistics, thinking on the spot, people skills, and most important of all, a cool head under pressure.

In short you will be in safe hands.

"I have climbed 3-4 mountains per week in the last year and a half in Santiago whilst studying Spanish and working as a guide, in this time I have gained a very good feel for the area and know the routes I am offering very well indeed. I am always excited to share the my experience with others"

Oliver has studied and completed a course in Wilderness First Aid here in Santiago and also speaks in Spanish fluently.