My aim with Wechu Hiking + Trail Running is to provide unique and exciting adventures, it’s easy for me to do because that's what I look for myself… I really enjoy sharing my passion, helping people explore the Andes without the risk of doing it alone.

I grew up in the mountains of the UK, hiking, mountain running and racing mountain bikes, I have explored many of the mountains of England, Wales, Scotland and the Alps, with some what less favorable weather conditions!

As you can imagine, when I arrived in Chile 4 years ago I was intent on exploring the Andes Mountains.

I have climbed all the main ridges around Santiago and have amased a vast knowledge of the area, this i can share, programing routes specifically to your abilities and desires, whether that be, hiking, trekking, running, or an expedition.

In my spare time I maintain a healthy obsession for Hiking, Mountain Expeditions and Mountain Running (Trail Running / Sky Running, the sport of running at altitude along ridges, in areas with some sections of technical climbing) forever pushing my limits..

In terms of mountain first aid, I have studied and completed courses in Wilderness First Aid here in Santiago and also speak Spanish fluently (I am happy to guide in English or Spanish).

In short you are in good hands.